While the mobile app economy has grown from strength to strength and now amounts to several hundred billion dollars in revenue, not all countries have the same share of this growth. While some traditional IT hotspots around the world leader in the mobile app development, few other countries are fast picking up the momentum.

Ireland is one of the few countries where small businesses and startups are mushrooming based on innovative mobile apps. Naturally, when it comes to mobile app development company Ireland
offers several excellent choices. But since the options are too many and you should always look for the best of the lot for your project, it is of paramount importance to know the key considerations for hiring developers and development services.

Here we are going to explain some of the most important considerations for hiring mobile app development companies for your app projects.

Go for a development company with domain knowledge

If your app project is about mobile commerce, you should not hire a highly rated development company whose prior experience mostly corresponds to mobile game apps. It would help if you always preferred developers who know your business niche and the industry practices and ways to get around competition.

Moreover, besides prior experience, a genuine interest in your business is an excellent sign that you should always value. If the developers are genuinely interested in your business and already have some innovative ideas to use the app for driving business advantages, it would give your app project extra mileage. Only genuine interest boosts creativity, and this is why you should opt for a development company with real enthusiasm and experience in your business niche.

What they did and how satisfactorily they did?

Yes, these are two questions clubbed into one for a better understanding. Just by looking at the portfolio of a development company, you cannot evaluate their actual output and credentials. You need to go deeper and find out how their work satisfied their clients and whether their clients still value them for other projects.

Nevertheless, a portfolio of apps a company built can give you a comprehensive picture of what the company is capable of. You can quickly find whether the development company can develop the kind of UI/UX and feature set you have considered for your app. The portfolio will at least give you a solid ground to make a shortlist of companies that can be researched and evaluated further.

At the very next step, you need to take a look at the client reviews of the development company. Yes, you can always check client testimonials in their websites, but that is not enough. All those goody impressions will not help you get the right picture. Instead, go to their social media pages and look for a conversation with clients. You can also inquire within your business community for the same.

Quality vs price: a balanced approach is the best

The price quote amounts to nothing until you can be sure of the value you are getting against that. You can always take the most competitive price on face value, and there is a high chance that the unsatisfying output will ultimately lead you to spend more on perfecting things besides losing precious time. So, a meticulous consideration of the value propositions against price is the key to make the right choice.

By the way, to reduce the initial cost of development and to make sure that the project is released quickly in the app market, you can always opt for an MVP or Minimum Viable Product approach. But then, you need to get onboard developers with MVP expertise and post-development support which is crucial to release further updates based on user feedback.

In any case, a balanced approach that takes both cost and quality into consideration besides giving more priority to the later is crucial. Please don't go overboard by involving a global leader for your basic small business app, and it is also advisable to avoid grabbing those DIY developers in the vicinity to get the job done. Always go for a reputed development company who genuinely caters small business app projects with unique and innovative approaches.

Keep communication roadblocks in mind

When outsourcing development companies from around the world, always keep the practical problems such as communication difficulties in mind. Developers working in different time zones often find the communication difficulties hampering their project outcomes besides creating delays.

Linguistic proficiency is another common aspect to consider when hiring developers from faraway time zones. Cultural differences, public holidays and lifestyle habits that directly impact communication and presence are serious considerations as well. Often by hiring a cheaper service from a different part of the globe can be lucrative, but that can end up making you pay more in the long run.


Hiring a proficient mobile app development company with the desired level of expertise and qualitative focus is not difficult if you follow the time-honoured measures followed by other businesses who shaped their mobile footprint from scratch. Remember, the mobile app is going to be the most important digital identity of your business brand, and hence you cannot take anything for granted. The development company will lay the bricks for the digital foundation of your business. So you cannot have any of the above considerations when evaluating them for your next app project.

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